Mediation – Arbitration

KLMR is committed to the avoidance of litigation whenever possible. Recently, more and more disputes are resolved by the alternative dispute resolution vehicles of mediation and arbitration. KLMR has experienced attorneys in both mediation and arbitration, having served as both neutrals and advocates in private and court-supervised proceedings, and proceedings before the NASD.

Our Attorneys in this Area

Ellen Maycock: Since 1975, Ms. Maycock has practiced in the areas of family law and commercial litigation. At the current time, her practice is limited to family law. Ms. Maycock has appeared in state and federal courts and has also served as a mediator and arbitrator.
Carol ClawsonCarol Clawson: Carol Clawson is “Of Counsel” to the firm and practices in the area of employment law, commercial litigation and appeals. Ms. Clawson is also involved in alternative dispute resolution and offers both mediation and arbitration services. Ms. Clawson was the Solicitor General of the State of Utah (1992-99), responsible for the state’s civil and criminal appeals in the state and federal courts.